What we've learned so far

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Well, we are finally on the skyline of the city. Yesterday was Father’s Day and we are at Naval Air Station Great Lakes, IL. This beautiful RV site sits on Lake Michigan, just a few hundred feet from the water. Lisa and the kids woke me up yesterday with breakfast in bed, and Taylor called early to wish me a happy Father’s Day as he was heading for church. Life is good.

We have a few miles under our belt now and what have we learned? I think the biggest thing so far is that there is a much greater ratio of wonderful, all out nice folks out there than I expected. As the father and security of the family, I am extremely protective, and by instinct will continue to be, but our “people experiences” during our travels through RV parks, capitol buildings, restaurants, museums, etc., have been pleasantly surprising. I will credit the favor of God for all the helpful good people we have met along the way, but again, I am pleased to say that the list is pretty long of fine-quality, Americans folks out there.

Thanks for reading and know that God is blessing you.

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