Water Pump Woes

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While pulling into Appleton, Wisconsin, we experienced our first big RV "issue." The water pump continued to run after we turned off the faucet. While troubleshooting the problem, I found a terminal on the pump that was corroded and basically fell off the pump when I touched it. This stopped the pump from working altogether.

I had some ideas, but needed some electrical components. A big thank you to God that a Radio Shack was in the shopping center we had pulled into. I straight-wired the pump, and ran a switch into the RV bathroom. This would stop the water pump from burning up, and eliminated the need for the broken terminal. Yay GOD!

Saturday, we found an RV parts store, re-mortgaged our home in Georgia, and bought a new water pump. I installed it and all is good.

No matter how big the issue, God is bigger...MUCH bigger!

Remember, God is blessing you!


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August 28, 2012 at 7:07 PM

Wow... re-mortgage a home for a water pump? That must be one heck of a water pump. :)

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