Time is near!!!

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Family, friends and fellow Americans,

Greetings and salutations,

As d-day approaches, we continue to put finishing touches on the motorhome and our plans. It is so very exciting but there are also some mixed emotions.

I simply cannot wait to get out on the road. I feel like a pinball in a pinball machine and the buffer has been pulled back and is about to launch the steel ball. I may be showing my age with the "pinball machine" but that's okay. I cannot wait to cross off states on our map. I cannot wait to wake up in the early morning hours and ask Lisa what state we are in. I cannot wait to document and share the first thing that I learn on the road when I think that we have thought of everything.

The "I cannot wait" list is almost endless but the mixed emotions are for my son Taylor who is in his third year of college and who will only be joining us periodically. He will probably fly out to wherever we are when he has a break from school. During dinner last night, I told him how much I would miss seeing him and he assured me that he would stay in touch with something called "scope". He said that we can actually talk to each other all the time on the computer which picked up my spirits BIGTIME!!!

So, first lesson: technology is our friend!!! :)

Be safe and know that God is blessing you,

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